• Hair Transplant

    This device uses the FUE method, which is extraction of hair follicles from areas that are genetically programmed not to fall to bald areas.

    Punchmatic SAFER
  • Laser

    The most recent technology for hair removal, vascular, and pigmentation, Which is FDA approved for all types of skin and hair.


    Alexandrite EP Care LASER

    Laser works in destroying the hair follicle. It does not cause skin cancer. It needs multiple sessions for a desired reduction of hair. It’s most effective when the hair is thick dark and the skin is light.

    Fractional YAG LASER / Fractional C02 LASER

    a powerful laser that improve surgical and acne scars. And can be used for pigmentations.

    Q-Switch laser

    For tattoo removal. Usually needs multiple sessions.

  • Secret

    It’s a machine that tightens the skin without surgery, it uses the radio-frequency micro-needling technique. It can also be used for scars, stretch marks and reducing open pores. Radio-frequency works by heating the collagen, which in turn will raise the level of strain on the skin which contributes to collagen synthesis and renewal.

  • Facial

    Goal accumulated white fat removal in the form of pills; Alus and black, and helps move the cycle Alamueh.


    Hydra facial is used to moisturize the face, remove dead skin and impurities. Therapy is comfortable and refreshing and very efficient.

    Crystal Peel

    Is one of the simplest types of exfoliation of the epidermis, and it’s safe in all seasons.

    Diamond Peel

    it’s a medium peel.  It works in removing dead skin and uniform skin color. Preferably done in winter.

    Chemical Peel

    The standards vary depending on the type and color of the skin; used for acne, rejuvenation, anti-aging and pigmentations.

    Fruit Acids

  • Derma Roller Or Derma Stamp

    Is a tool with micro-needles helps in scars and skin tightening.

  • Botox

    Is a protein injected intramuscularly to relaxes the muscles and reduce wrinkles. It’s also used in the treatment of excessive sweating and migraine.

  • Filling

    HA is found in skin and gets depleted with age. Synthetic HA can be injected to enhance hollow areas in the face like cheeks nasolabial folds tear trough and lips.

  • Platelets Rich Plasma (P.R.P)

    It works in stimulating collagen syntheses. It helps in tightening the skin, improving fine lines with a filling effect. It also restore luster and freshness of the skin and works on dark circles

  • Mesotherapy

    Is a collection of vitamins injected into the skin for rejuvenation refreshing lightning and tightening. Also used for hair and fat dissolution.

  • Theralight

    It’s UVA and UVB light, works on localized areas of vitiligo and psoriasis to restore normal skin.

  • Cryotherapy and Cautary

    Removes polyps, skin tags, warts and nevi.

  • Tattoo

    for enhancing eyebrows, eyes and lips contour


    Mia: a device that uses radio Frequency rays to destruct fat and remove it through the lymph channels. It also contains electrical wiring that prevents sagging of the treated areas.

    Lumicell: helps in cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

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